QC Sponsorship Opportunities

The Quad Cities Chapter of EWGA has a variety of sponsorship opportunities.  With a variety of sponsorship levels to choose from, you will find a level of involvement suited to your organization.  

After looking at our demographics, you will see that we offer an extremely attractive, upscale market of decision-making women with discretionary income. Your participation in our events will provide a unique and direct marketing opportunity for your products, or services. Through sponsorship of our Chapter, your company will be in a position to generate tremendous customer loyalty through this grass roots marketing approach. We look forward to promoting your company!

Contact the Director of Marketing & Sponsorship to learn more about the marketing opportunities available through the Quad Cities Chapter of EWGA. EWGA has become highly visible as a result of media coverage in such publications as Golf For Women, Business Week, Newsweek, USA Today, Golf Digest, Golf World, The Wall Street Journal and numerous national and local news programs.