Handicap Info

GN21 is the Official Handicap Service Provided by LPGA Amateur Golf Association
This is one of the great benefits of being a member of LPGA Amateur Golf Association. The GN21 system allows members to obtain an official handicap index. This service is a free benefit of being a member. This system will become the future center for information on your golf life.

In this system, members can begin posting scores to obtain their handicap or to update their existing handicap. Scores can be posted as a total score or a hole by hole score including the tracking of any or all of the following performance statistics: # putts, greens in regulation, sand saves, fairways in regulation, and driving distance.

Benefits Of Having A Handicap:

  • Handicaps are a gauge of the golfer's skill level.
  • Handicaps allow a player to compete on a level playing field with players at other levels.
  • They provide a barometer of a golfer's progress or improvement over time.
  • They challenge a golfer to give it her best when playing.
  • They become a personal badge of accomplishment.
  • They allow the player to compete in one of five different skill levels at LPGA Amateur championship events and other competitions. Even golfers with high handicaps are able to compete in this championship event, as long as they have a handicap.
  • Handicaps can be established using scores from 9-hole or 18-hole play.
  • Players with handicaps tend to take the game of golf more seriously, while also having fun.

What Is An INDEX?
An index is a measure of a player's ability. This number is derived from a player's best 10 differentials of the last 20 scores. They are indicated by an asterisk on your index card. A "T" indicates a tournament game, and an "A" indicates an away game.

What Is A Handicap?
It is the number of artificial strokes a player receives to adjust her scoring ability to the common level of scratch or zero handicap golf. This number may increase or decrease depending upon the difficulty of the course being played (see next two items).

What Is A Course Handicap?
It is the number of handicap strokes a player receives at the course being played. A course handicap is determined by applying her index number to a Slope Conversion Table which is usually posted somewhere in the clubhouse at the golf course.

What Is A Slope Rating?
This reflects the relative playing difficulty of a course for players with handicaps above scratch. (A general rule is, the higher the course slope, the more difficult the course is to play.)

What Is A Gross Score?
A player's actual score, stroke for stroke.

What Is An Adjusted Score?
A player's gross score minus adjustments. This is the maximum number of strokes a person with a handicap can post on any hole. This is known as the Equitable Stroke Control table. For example, if a person whose index on the course being played is 23, and that person actually shoots a 10 on any one hole, the person must adjust their score by -2 strokes when posting it for their handicap.

If Your Handicap
Index is:

You May Post a
Maximum # of Strokes Per Hole as:

9 or less

Double Bogey

10 to 19


20 to 29


30 to 39


40 and above


What Is A Net Score?
A player's score after her gross score has been adjusted by the course handicap. For example, if a player shoots a 90 and her course handicap is 20, her net score is 70.

Why Do I Need An INDEX?
An index is necessary to play in amateur competition and is the player's benchmark for improvement. The index assists others in pairing you with players of like ability during outings and tournaments.

Handicap Posting Seasons
In our region, courses typically close for the season from about November to April.  Even though some courses may remain open during winter months, playing conditions are not the same as the regular season and therefore those scores cannot be used for handicap.  If, however, you head south and play rounds in regions that have a year-round golf season, those scores CAN be posted to the GN21.  When you do post them, be sure you post the actual date the round was played.  GN21 will determine if that course is available for score posting on the date you submit.